Tub To Shower Conversion In Overland Park

Tub To Shower Conversion In Overland Park

Our team of home remodeling experts here at Shawnee Mission Builders was recently given the opportunity to showcase the finer points of our craft for one of our customers in Overland Park. While their existing tub was anything but an eyesore, they had decided that they would rather have an elegant looking walk in shower, so we came in and got to work. We took out the existing tub and replaced it with a brand new walk-in shower. The shower itself is made up of Onyx panels, and the base is a somewhat new “Pepper” color. We also installed a set of double swing doors to ease entry and exit into the shower itself. To bring the whole thing together, we also installed a new granite counter top for the vanity, and a brand new tile floor to help compliment the new shower. As an added touch, we also finished off this remodeling job with a custom trim molding around the bathroom door.

Our customers couldn’t be happier with the results of their remodeling, and especially their tub to shower conversion. Their new walk in shower has really enhanced the look and the function of the room, and the new tile flooring helps tie all of the new colors into one cohesive, and amazing looking, design. We are absolutely certain that our Overland Park customers are going to be enjoying the results of their bathroom remodeling work for a long time to come, and if they ever decide to change something in the future, they know who to call. If you are interested in bathroom remodeling work for your own home, give the professionals at Shawnee Mission Builders a call today.

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