Kansas City Bathroom Design Services

Build the perfect Kansas City bathroom with our bathroom design servicesThe basis for every great remodeling project is a solid design. At Shawnee Mission Builders, we take great care to always have a proper design planned out for your bathroom remodeling project. The purpose of having a design is so our Kansas City Bathroom Remodeling professionals make sure to cover every aspect of your specification from the location of the bathtub to how many cabinets you would like. This gives you a visual of how your finished bathroom will look and will let you modify your idea accordingly. Some of our clients have a complete idea already mapped out and ready for a build, but there is always the possibility that a client may only have tiny idea and needs help to flesh that idea out. Either way, we gladly offer our Kansas City bathroom design services.

Bathroom Remodeling Design

Our design team always begins a plan by sitting down with you and analyzing your current bathroom and finding out the rough idea of what you would like to do with it. This gives the basis for whether your current space with accommodate all of the changes you want or if we will need to expand first. Expansion may be the best bet if you would like to increase the overall space to include larger fixtures like a garden tub or separate shower stall. We can do our best to utilize your current space, too. During first constructions, unless a custom build, most contractors do the bare minimum when building bathroom – a sink, a toilet, a shower: done. While it will work, it’s not necessarily the best design – hence the remodeling project.

Call us today to start the design process for your new bathroom and you will be able to visualize the remodeling process easier than ever before. We gladly help our customers with the design because we know that it can be difficult to know exactly what you want without seeing it. We have over 15 years of experience with remodeling and share the knowledge we have gained over the years.

If you are looking for a Kansas City bathroom design services, please call 913-631-7020 or complete our online request form.